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Detoxification Services
  • Infrared Sauna Treatments
  • Cupping Massage
Infrared Sauna Treatment

   1. Basic Slimming Wrap                     60 minutes $95
With the Basic wrap you don't need to take off your clothes, as long as you are comfy. Or you could be bring sweats, or a bathing suit if you prefer. Just know whatever you do wear will get sweaty.

    2. Deluxe Slimming Wrap                 
60 minutes $135

With the Deluxe Wrap you receive a light massage to cover your body with and essential oil formulas designed for even more enhance circulation, weight loss and skin firming.

The  infrared heat  increases your body's temperature which stimulates  metabolism,and  releases of fat and toxins from the body naturally over the next 24 to 36 hour period.

It penetrates the body’s epidermis, muscles, fat stores, and  bone; promoting increased blood flow and circulation, lymphatic drainage, boosting metabolism and energy consumption.

Cupping Massage
  1. Body Sculpting (Rejuv-a-Sculpt)    60 minute treatment $140
  2. Facial Toning (Rejuv-a-Tone)          30 minute treatment $50
  3. Chronic Pain Management            60 minute treatment $125
  4. Detox and Wellness                     60 minute treatment $125
  5. Sports Injuries and Recovery         60 minute treatment $125
  6. Surgical Recovery                        60 minute treatment $125

 Specifically, the alternating pressure exercises the tissue, stimulating blood circulation. This additional blood circulation then carries more nutrients and oxygen to tissue needing the extra help! The negative atmospheric pressure creates a suction to the tissue which causes relaxation to the muscle fibers and re-establishes  fluid balance, which reduces swelling. Added benefits include reduction of adhesions, scar tissue and calcium deposits. An non-evasive and completely natural treatment protocol.


Honey Massage                               60 minutes $125

Ancient therapy from Europe and Egypt- re known for cellulite reduction.

During the honey massage, the body is cleared of “slag” — the end products of metabolism. The unique nutritional properties of honey combined with a manual vacuum massage technique helps restore the health of the subcutaneous fat, cleansing of the body, normalizing circulation of the skin. Through the skin, the blood receives trace elements, vitamins and biologically active substances. This supports the skin in becoming more smooth and elastic,retracting flabbiness, stretch marks and cellulite bumps. Even after several treatments there is markedly increase tone, firmness and elasticity, and subcutaneous fat capsules are broken, which helps to eliminate cellulite, get rid of toxins.The session includes 10-15 minutes of infrared sauna heat. It is a very vigorous and painful technique that feels similar to waxing. Temporary bruising, skin disruption and/or discolor should be expected in areas that contain a build up of toxins.

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