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Whether your goal is wellness or beauty, any change you may be desiring physically needs to be matched with corresponding view of "who you are being" in regards to that goal.  You can't be well when your perspective and behaviors exhibit a viewpoint that you are ill or in disease. The same is true with beauty. Consider to yourself what is your "Body Image" around Wellness and Beauty.  Coaching tools and exercises are designed to align your mind, emotions, body and spirit ,with that you desire to be.

How it works:
~~ Unlock resistant blocks, break though your personal “Comfort Zone”, dynamically change self-limiting beliefs & triggering emotions. This process can change the way you function on a day to day basis, as well as in a given “performance situations.” It is often these situations that can cause stress to your wellness. We will work together closely, behind the scenes with “homework", telephone check-ins, and e-mail As you find yourself transforming ease-fully, more of your own enthusiasm and empowered insights will come forth as further self motivation. 
~~ Increased connection to your creative life force energy. Opens channels and allows the flow of  fresh ideas, visuals, concepts that inspire your desired area of creativity.
~~ Enhanced by EFT energy work and thought processing techniques, increased energetic flow & balance allowing you to drop into a more authentic space.  Once you are able to see the conflicts between various points of view & beliefs, the work then becomes recreating that which you want.

Free Initial Consultation and Evaluation
Call for a telephone consultation about your particular needs, and together we will create a customized coaching plan. Coaching can also be integrated into other treatments, such as massage.

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