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PJ Raskin,has a undergraduate degree in Psychology, is a New York Licensed Massage Therapist, a Interfaith Minister and Certified Advanced Energy Therapist in Reiki and EFT.  She started her healing practices professionally in 1998.  She brings 13 years of corporate skills from management , sales and marketing into her coaching focus which helps people focus on self motivated change.

She has been studying holistic healing, spirituality, personal development most of her life, both as a passion and a career path. Her healing practice is infused with teachings from Yoga, Science of the Mind, A Course in Miracles,Pathwork and many other metaphysical/consciousness philosophies.  Life/Spiritual coaching with organizations such as One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and Landmark Education is foundational to the work she does today.


Transformational Journey...Passion behind this work:
I am here today with a deep understanding that everything and everyone in "our world" impacts our wellness. And our wellness also impacts "everything and everyone" in our world It is from this place, I developed all the healing modalities that I offer up today.

As a kid, I got that wellness and emotional support didn't work in my family. My father was labeled with a little understood imbalance called bi-polar. My mother was chronically ill and died from lung cancer at 44. When western medicine didn't save her, I took in that western medicine was Crazy and definitely not effective at promoting wellness or stopping disease. . From there, I started a life long journey with spirituality and holistic health to find the answers to healing my family and myself...  Fast forward, at age 44, just like my mom, I developed ovarian cancer.

I declared this cancer event my "Spiritual Transformation" and continued an intense exploration to heal the core causes of this disease.

At that time it seemed my whole world around me was not working: job stability, lack of meaningful connection with family, mold infested old apartment, living alone.  I couldn't heal the cancer with all this! And maybe the cancer was about loneliness, lack of power with career and all of that.

When surgery became the best option to remove massive tumor growth, I aligned with western medicine, while continuing all the spiritual/holistic practices. My family came in to help, the surgery was successful and to the amazement of all involved, especially the doctors, I healed very rapidly with very little cancer present. No further treatment required.

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